remote mailbox sensor

There are many times when you check your mail remote mailbox sensor passively and that too without much enthusiasm as well. You might also even try to check for a long time to open the mailbox doors. So, this leads you to miss out some important mails sometimes for which you have to regret for the mistake or your failure to check your mailbox at the right time. So, in this case, you might want someone to let you know that you have got a special package.
Now, you do not have to get worried as you can get hold of the Remote Mailbox Sensor which alarms you when some important package has come to the mailbox or if someone is trying to take out the contents from it. It chimes every time when you open your mailbox as it has got wireless mail alert system which does the best job for you. One does not have to worry at all as it works in the range of up to 300 feet. It makes an alarm and that too with bright red LED lighting up along with its sound. With a battery of 12 volt, replacement needs to be done from time to time over the years.
This Remote Mailbox Sensor would not allow mailbox sensor you to miss any sort of important mails and so one does not have to get worried getting this useful item for you. It proves to be a very unique thing to you where it is made available in the market at the rate of $50. So, if you are someone who wish to get instant message about any new or urgent mail that has reached to your mailbox, then this product would be very much useful to you where it would serve to be the best according to your requirements and your purpose without any worries at all.
This instructable will show you how to make a web-connected mailbox sensor. Besides emailing you when your mailbox is opened, it will also signal a Raspberry Pi sitting in your house to play an audio announcement. There is also a web-accessible Android/iPhone interface for you to check what time mail was delivered, as well as display the battery voltage left on the sensor.
General Components:
One strip board Arduino, circuit optimized for low battery power consumption
Strip board components (voltage regulator, capacitor, resistors, etc…), see details later on.
Two wireless transceivers (RFM69HW)
Two Arduino Uno’s with selectable 3.3V/5V switch for the gateways
One Raspberry Pi, but could be replaced with your PC/Mac if you don’t mind running the computer 24/7
I’ll explain how to piece all these parts together and provide all the code needed.